Normal Chic Fun


It is easy to see lots of delight outfits nowadays ,but will that fit you as it looks in the photo?

在香港的快节奏生活,我更希望有适合自己的Normal Chic 感觉的搭配,舒服也很重要

Trends compare with Comfortable ,which one do you choose?  I choose both

今年的流行当中有百褶裙,好多品牌都推出了长款的百褶裙,我觉得就是Comfortable Normal Chic

Pleated Skirt is one of my  favorite in these season , catch the trend and make yourself comfortable


Basic Elements with a Red See-through plastic bag,I mean ,red is really chic

DSC_6002 em


DSC_6010 em


DSC_6024 em


DSC_6019 em


DSC_6044 em


What I Wear

Coat:Lilly brown

Top: Rose bullet

Skirt: Zara

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacos

Shoes: Robert Clergeries

Sunglasses: 3.1 Phillip  Lim

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