Shanghai !Shanghai!

这次Charllotte Olympia 的2014秋冬受到了上海的东方文化影响,中国元素爆棚

Charllotte Olympia 2014 F/W collection inspired by traditional China culture ,shows the ShangHai elements in the styles


For most of the Chinese ,I believe that the dragons,tiger heads,are far more different from the fairy styles


Instead of named  it as a  shanghai collection , I prefer to say it  shows the traditional  China looks still so charming in foreign market

Reminding us to keep all the disappearing traditional beauties in our life

dsc_7201_v650x433  dsc_7214_article_gallery_portrait CO_F14_MING_PATENTCALFSKIN_BLUEKOICARPPRINT1  Charlotte Olympia F14 Shanghai Express 13  IMG_6656  IMG_6657  IMG_6655  IMG_6658  IMG_6659

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