New Sexy is …….


已经在香港发布了两次成衣的老朋友Erbert 这次在中环瞩目的新派中餐厅32公馆


这一季的设计灵感来自于SM,你可以从绷带的设计和皮质当中找到sexy 的影子


这一季的设计当中Erbert 再次施展把高定的dress 带入日常着装的方法



Great to be there to see the third collection that my friend Erbert Chong launched in hk

This time he use only black and white to show the sexy dresses which inspired by SM and the movie

Erbert use silk and leather to mix the style of his dress and some of the dress with a casual style also could be wear in the daily life

Big congrats to Erbert ,good to see you ,and love your new collections

DSC_1561 em


DSC_1543 em


DSC_1284 em


DSC_1591 em


DSC_1495 em


DSC_1430 em


DSC_1467 em


DSC_1425 em


DSC_1238 em

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