Introduce the Charlotte London

It is not easy to find an Always-right outfit .

However, for the girls who live in a busy city like Hongkong ,they may store  one or two jackets in the office, so no matter what situation they are facing ,always have a preparation .

The tweed Jacket ,as one of the most classy fashion item for girls , I found a new brand Charlotte London on instagram recently .

Two Jackets received last week and they are so easily mix and match with my daily needs .

White one for an official daytime meeting and navy blue one is my happy hour favorite

The white one is more like a daily wear saver

No matter it is shirt or T shirt , always can be well matched

I also had a scarf to mix and match , more color brings more vibrant feeling to this look


This dark look is quite cool because of the cutting of the jacket’s neckline

Sometimes I feels like this kind of neckline can make your neck looks longer and slimmer

Also easy to bring out your personality .


Matched with the black cuff-link pants,

The only metallic part of the jacket is the zip of the cuff

Easily to look harmonious with any accessories and colors


What I Wear

Jacket : Charlotte London

Bag : Chanel and Gucci

Jeans : DL1961

Pants : Y/ Project


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